Evaluate Instructions PI

Grade 5
Unit: 02 Lesson: 01
Evaluate Instructions PI
1. Review the properties of matter studied in this lesson including mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density,
solubility in water, ability to conduct or insulate thermal or electric energy, and the boiling and melting/freezing point of
2. Gather sample items or photos of kitchen utensils, appliances, and equipment. (Examples: Magnets keep fridge door
closed; pans conduct thermal energy; handles insulate against it; ice-maker lowers temperature to freeze water; and
mixing bowls and utensils are made from various materials and are used for different reasons.)
3. If students are not familiar with kitchen equipment or utensils, then some background information may need to be
4. A list of food preparation utensils is listed below:
5. It might be helpful to conduct an Internet search using the key word terms conductors of heat energy in the kitchen to
find information on conductors of heat energy in the kitchen.
6. Students should be able to use the information in their science notebooks as a reference as they create their display.
If time allows, allow students to present their display to the class.
7. Share Performance Indicator rubric or expectations with students prior to students beginning the assessment.
8. Answer any questions students may have regarding the assessment.
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