UNIT 6 – Balancing Nationalism & Sectionalism Chapter 7 Regional

UNIT 6 – Balancing Nationalism & Sectionalism
Chapter 7
Regional Economies Create Differences
HW: 10% Summary 212-218
Vocab- interchangeable, embargo, incentive, entrench, resurrect, inauguration
-We will be looking at the growing differences between the North and South that would
eventually lead to the Civil War.
To understand how the differences between the North the South led to a course
that brought the two regions at odds.
To discuss what inventions played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution of
the North and cotton boom of the South.
To analyze how the American System sought to unite and better the nation, but
had an opposite effect.
Nationalism at Center Stage
HW: 10% Summary 219-223
Vocab-opulent, nationalism, demilitarize, foreshadow, prophetic
-We will be looking at the rise of nationalism in America through the federal government’s use
of power in the judicial branch, economic control, and foreign affairs.
To analyze and discuss the three major political actions of this time period;
McCulloch v. Maryland, The Monroe Doctrine, and the Missouri Compromise.
The Age of Jackson
HW: 10% Summary 224-229
Vocab-electoral college, enthusiasm, assimilation, undaunted, relocation
-We will be looking at Jackson’s presidency and how he changed the destiny of America through
his battle with the B.U.S and removal of Native Americans to lands west of the Mississippi.
To focus on Jackson’s controversial role as president.
To discuss Jackson’s unfair treatment of the Native Americans.
To understand why Jackson distrusted the B.U.S.
States’ Rights and the National Bank
HW: 10% Summary 230-235
Vocab-nullification, condemnation, flouted, specie, aristocrat
-We will be looking at the problems that arise between the states and the federal government,
particularly over the rising tariff. We will also see the first seeds of rebellion and secession and Jackson’s
V.P. rise to president as a disappointment.
To understand what issues arose between the State and Federal governments.
CH 7 Review Packet
Chapter 7 Test
You will be given 50min to complete the test, make sure to have an outline for the essay and
bring the completed review packet (worth a quiz grade).
Chapter 8
Research & Catch-up
HW: 10% Summary 240-245
Vocab-anxious, segregate, transcendentalism, disband, zeal, revival,
-We will be taking some time to wrap up the Ch7 test, work on the research project, or to
complete any missing assignments. Mid-terms are in less than a week, and we should put our best
grade forward.
Religion Sparks Reform
HW: 10% Summary 248-253
Vocab-sarcasm, abolition, emancipation, atrocious, coexist
-We will be looking at the change brought about in the mid-eighteenth century that began as a
religious movement and spread into literature, education, and the societal changes of the time.
To understand how the Second Great Awakening changed the individuals
outlook towards their salvation and society.
To explain how other reforms became offshoots of this religious movement, and
how reforms changed society.
Slavery & Abolition
HW: 10% Summary 254-268
Vocab-domesticity, temperance, mockery, unanimously, franchise, sojourn
-We will be looking at the separate beliefs held by the North and South around slavery. We will
learn about the famous abolitionists of the time and what they argued, as well as looking the life of a
slave in South.
To understand the arguments made by abolitionist against slavery, and how
these were received.
To understand the response in the South to Nat Turner’s Rebellion.
To understand the arguments used by the South in the defense of slavery.
Women & Reform
HW: Short Answers from Review
-We will be looking at the role women played in the mid-19th century and the beginnings of
reform they sought to make in their societal placements. We will be focusing on the reforms they made
in education, health, and politics.
To understand what the “cult of domesticity” meant for women during this era.
To understand the origins of reform led by women, causes and impacts.
To understand the various levels of reforms women addressed.
The Changing Workplace
HW: 10% Summary 259-265
Vocab-textile industry, entrepreneurs, deteriorate, blight, subserve,
-We will be looking at the changes underwent in the workforce due to the drastic mechanization
of industry in the North. We will also be looking at the conditions faced in these factories and the early
development of reform through unions.
To understand how the workforce changed due to industrialization.
To understand what work was like in these factories, and who worked the job.
To understand what workers did to combat conditions in the factories.
CH 8 Review
HW: Do CH 8 Review Packet
CH 8 Test
You will be given 50min to complete the test, make sure to have an outline for the essay and
bring the completed review packet (worth a quiz grade).