Pressure Worksheet

Pressure Worksheet
1. I push on the handle of a bicycle tire pump with
a forceof 100 Newtons . The pist on has an area of
0.001 m 2. What is the pressure (Pa) on the piston?
2. A pipe has and internal pressure of200,000 Pa
and a cross section of 0.02 m 2. If a cap is
placed on the end, what is the force on the cap?
3. A hydraulic lift system can hold up to 400,000N
The maximum pressure in the system is 8,000,000
Pa. What is the minimum cross
section area of the pist on used to lift the truck?
4. A gardenhomehasa water pressure of 500,000Pa
and is capped withal 0.1 m 2 plug. What is the
force on the cap?
5. Oops,I think the pressure in my car’s tire is a
little low. Why do I think this?
Because the tire has a larger than normal“ contract
patch” The car’s weight is 20,000N total(5000N
for Each wheel). If the contact patch covers an area
that is 20m x 25m, what is the pressure in the tire?