Leader Analysis Sheet on Khomeini

Leader Analysis Sheet
Name of Leader: Ayatollah Ruhollah Kohmeini
Lifespan: 1900 - 1989
Title: Shah
Country/region: Iran
Years in Power:
Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power
- Western influences were sweeping through the Middle East.
- Losing touch with their Islamic culture.
Ideology, Motivation, Goals:
- Wanted religious purity.
- Wanted religion to be combined with politics.
- Wanted to be free of Western influences.
- Wanted to restore what its leaders believed to be the true beliefs, traditions, and movements about their
Significant Actions & events During Term of Power
- Khomeini revolution of 1979
- Restoring Islam
- Land reforms religious education, and economic development.
Short-Term effects:
Long-Term Effects:
- Iran-Iraq War.
- Modernization
- Iran fell into isolation.
- Tensions with Iraq