File - AP Comparative Government

Iran: Political and
Economic Change
AP Comparative Government
 Party systems in Mexico and Russia affect the political legitimacy
of each state. (a) Identify Mexico’s historically dominant party, and
identify the type of party system Mexico currently has. (b)
Describe two reforms since 1980 that facilitated Mexico’s
transition away from a dominant party system. (
 Iran’s history has included both evolution and revolution
 Iran was the first large empire in world history and was a military
powerhouse with strong leaders and a centralized government
 In the 20th century there were two revolutions
Political and
 Both pushed for democratic principles and the second reunified
religion with politics to create the modern theocracy
 Resources in Iran have varied and have brought with them
benefits and negatives
 Lack of arable land has meant little agriculture.
 Lack of access to major water networks pushed Iran into trading by
 Oil has produced great benefit and has greatly helped the economy
in modern times
 It has also caused domestic issues as the resource has not always been
used in a way that benefits the government and the people