PBS NewsHour Date of Program January 29, 2015

PBS NewsHour
Date of Program January 29, 2015
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Rethinking Iran: Pro’s & Con’s of a nuclear deal with Iran.
Timer on this section: Fast forward to approximately 19 minutes.
1. What did the Senate vote to impose?
2. President Obama’s response & reasoning
3. Congress Response & reasoning
4. Iranian Politics are divided like the U.S.
5. How is the Iranian government described?
6. Describe the split in leadership in Iranian Politics
7. What is Iran’s stance on their nuclear activity? What evidence is used to
support their position?
8. Tale of Two Iran’s- what are they describing?
9. How do the Iranians people feel about the threat of new sanctions?
10. Predictions about the resolution of this situation from the video.
11. What is your opinion or reaction to the news story?