Evolution Review Worksheet

Evolution Review Worksheet
1. What is evolution?
2. Describe the difference between scientific fact and theory.
3. How is the history of the earth and evolution related?
4. Charles Darwin studied finches on the Galápagos Islands. The finches on each island had
slightly different beaks. According to Darwin, how did the finches all get different beaks?
5. Define natural selection in your own words.
6. There are 5 main points to natural selection. Rewrite each point in your own words and
explain how it relates to evolution in terms of natural selection.
Main Point
There is variation within a population
Some variations are favorable
Not all young produced in each generation
Individuals that survive and reproduce are
those with favorable variations
Descent with Modification
Relation to Natural Selection
7. Light-colored lizards move to an area where there is dark-colored sand. After many years,
most of the lizards are dark-colored. Why do you think this happened?
8. Review your evidence for evolution notes. List each piece of evidence discussed and describe
how it supports evolution.
9. What is the difference between a physical and behavioral adaptation?
10. Provide and explain 3 examples each of physical and behavioral (instinctive/learned)
adaptations that were not discussed in class.
Example 1
Behavioral –
Behavioral - Learned
Example 2
Example 3