Club Info
• Those having trouble with the listserv, come see me
after the meeting
• The club meets every OTHER Wednesday.
• Trip to Wall Street is set for later during next
• Guest speaker: Financial Advisor and leader in
socially responsible investing, Jay Desautels from
UBS will join us early in December for a short
dissertation and questions
Investment Simulators
• Check out website
• Other useful and interesting sites include:,,,,, and
• Also check out the Investopedia website:
Internship Opportunities
• A great site to help you prepare for any interview is
Morgan Stanley’s site under its career and student pages.
• Email me if you have any questions about how to go about
getting an internship somewhere or where to go.
Upcoming Events
• Investment challenge began today
• We will begin watching Boiler Room
soon – or possibly start it early next
• Check out the website and newsletter
from listserv to keep up-to-date
• Guest speaker to come from UBS
Information for NYC trip
A quick overview of each institution,
jargon, and etiquette
Common Jargon, Acronyms and Definitions
Bull market: A continuous rise in the market. Bullish: an optimistic outlook on
the market or a company/sector
Bear market: A continuous drop in the market (usually of 10% or more) Bearish:
pessimistic with regard to the market or a particular stock
Blue-chip stock: reliable, large companies, usually part of the Dow (Coca-Cola)
Closing price: The last price a stock was at during the closing of the markets
Common stock: security representing partial ownership in a public or private
DJIA (Dow): oldest U.S. market index – representative of the average in price
movements of the top 30 companies that most accurately reflect the economy as
a whole. – Stands for the Dow Jones Industrial Average
For the most comprehensive list, go to
Common Jargon, Acronyms and Definitions
S&P 500: Standard & Poor’s index of the 500 largest publicly traded companies
in the U.S. - thought of as the best measurement of the overall stock market
NYSE: New York Stock Exchange – The oldest and largest stock exchange in
the U.S. comprised of traders from many of the top firms
Russell 2000: index that serves U.S. small cap stocks
NASDAQ: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation –
An index that includes the Nasdaq 100 – the top 100 largest companies (mostly
tech.) – can also be bought as a single stock: AMEX: QQQ
Federal Reserve: Central bank of the U.S. overseeing money supply, interest
rates, and credit through a seven-member board.
For the most comprehensive list, go to
Recent Events
• Mutual Fund industry dilemma: Esp. Putnam Funds.
Putnam update
CNBC article
• New NYSE board members
CNBC article
• Market timing at Prudential
SEC article
Other Investor information
• Online SEC quiz and other useful SEC links:
Investor tools
• Quicken Score Card:
• Investor Clearing house (Alliance for Investor education)
• CNBC’s market watch:
Morgan Stanley
• One of the most well-known firms in the financial world,
offering some of the most challenging and well-rewarded
career opportunities in almost every field.
• A leader in the gathering and distribution of financial
information. Bloomberg has many divisions, but its most
powerful asset is the Bloomberg terminal – used by all of
the top institutions for financial analysis and coverage.
Bear Stearns
• Undergraduate career site
• Much like Morgan Stanley, this firm is at the head of its
league for investment banking, and securities trading.
• Credit Suisse Financial and Credit Suisse First Boston
together provide a full spectrum of financial services and
offer just as much reward and challenge as any other
financial institution.
Online work
Go to:
Check out the sites, and take a look at some of the
interview questions and profiles on each one. Also, try to
learn a bit about the difference between each.
Closing Info/Announcements
Some places we may visit in NYC:,,,,,