1. Who brought point shoes to America?
2. Who is the only person to win gold medal in the Olympics
for indoor and beach volleyball?
3. What is the score of a 1916 Georgia tech foot ball team vs.
Cumberland University?
4. Who is the first Swedish golfer to win the U.S womens’
Open two straight times?
5. When did swimming start?
6. The Olympics women’s wrestling started in_______ ?
7. Who created the sport softball?
8. Dancing prevents what kind of disease?
9. How many figure skating members were there during
What was water polo originally a form of?
1…. What is the alligator’s life span?
A. 100 to 110 years
B. 5 to 10 years
C. 60 to 70 years
D. 30 to 50 years
2. What is the meerkats tail length
A. 13 to 16 inches
B. 14 to 20 inches
C. 17 to 25 inches
D. 26 to 30 inches
3. How long did the longest organism live?
A. 250 million years
B. 200 million years
C. 600 years
D. 100 million years
4. What is the scientific name for a seal?
A. Anura
B. Pinnipedia
C. Canidae
D. Scyphozoan
5. How long does a young elephant stay in its herd
A.12 to 14 years
B. 4 to 6 years
C. 10 to 12 years
D. 18 to 20 years
6. What is the largest zoo in the world?
A. San Diego zoo
B. Henry doorly zoo
C. Alaska zoo
D. Motgomery zoo
7. What is the oldest animal?
A. sea turtle
B. alligator
C. sea clam
D. zebra
8. What animals below are NOT endangered ( two answers)
A. diceros bicomis
B. the gray whale
C. eretemochelys imbricate
D. all of the above
9. What can roar over a lion?
10. How many muscles are in a cat’s ear
A. 32
B. 16
C. 26
D. 40
1. Who hosted the early series of The Pink Panther cartoons?
2. Pee Wee Herman made his TV debut on which show
3. Which member of the A team played Clubber Lang in
Rocky lll?
4. At the end of the episode with the Hash-Slinging Slasher,
what do Spongebob, Squidward, and the Hash-Slinging
Slasher say to the vampire that was turning the lights on
and off ?
5. In “ Wormy”, what was the name of the friendship song in
the sean with Spongebob, Patrick, and Wormy ?
6. How many T.V shows cancelled after only one episode
7. What is the name of the current longest running charity
8. What is the name of the clown on Channel 6?
A. Gabbo
B. Krusty
C. Bonko
9. How many boys are named Corey in the magazines Lisa
A. Six
B. Eight
C. Eleven
10) What was the number on the license plate Bart and Lisa
dug up using the mine detector?
1. What 4 Disney movies came out in 2013?
2. What is the guy’s name who made the marvel movies?
3. Who is the main actor in Iron Man?
4. True or False ASDF is an actual movie
5. Who is the director of How To Train Your Dragon?
6. When did the first version of Transformers come out?
7. Who is the author of the Fault in our Stars?
A. Marry Downing Hahn
B. Richard Paul Evens
C. John Green
8. Who is the New York Best Time’s Bestseller?
a) John Green
b) Richard Paul Evans
Mary Downing Hahn
9. What happened to Kristoff’s parents in Frozen?
Where did Elsa’s powers come from?
In Frozen, who kept the gates shut?
Will there be a Frozen 2?
Do directors make their movies hard so that you will
have to watch their movies over again?
In Finding Nemo, what happened to the coral and the
rest of the babies?
a) Did the babies die and the coral was fine?
b) Did the babies die and so the coral?
c) Do the babies live and the coral is fine?
d) Did the babies live and the coral die?
What actor plays Shawn Spencer’s sidekick in the
show Psych?
What is the name Gus gives his new rental car after
Shawn smashes his company car?
What is the name of the professional art thief in the
TV series Psych?
What does Gus do after seeing a live ticking bomb?
In the football episode, what number of jersey is
Shawn wearing?
Video Games
1) What was the skin that was given in every
version of Minecraft?
2) How many blocks does it take to reach the sky
limit in Minecraft?
3) What is the latest LEGO videogame that came out
in 2014?
4) How do you make an x-ray machine in Minecraft?
5) What planet can you get to on Galactic Craft?
6) What is the top video game in 2014 according to
7) What has Microsoft bought for 2.5 billion dollars?
8) In Minecraft, how long is the day?
1) Whose crew was the first people to circumnavigate
the Earth?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Ferdinand Megellar
c) Henry Hudson
d) John Cabot
2) What was the name of the company that settled
a) Virginia company
b) London company
c) Martin company
d) Nike
3) Who led the Mormon pioneers to Utah?
a) Brigham Young
b) Joseph Smith
c) Mrs. Haslam
d) Etienne Provost
4) On what piece of territory was the Battle of Bunker
Hill fought on?
a) Bunker Hill
b) Breeds Hill
c) Box Hill
d) Signal Hill
5) What French fortress in Canada was besieged and
captured by New Englanders in 1745.
a) Louisborg
b) Fort Knox
c) Bare Island Fort
d) Fort Anne
6) In what decade did the song, “Yes, we have no
a) 1980
b) 1940
c) 1920
d) 1970
7) What is the largest desert in the world?