Types of Leads - Perry Local Schools

Lecture #2
Remind me…
What is a lead?
Basic News Leads
Summary Lead
 Combines the most significant of the 5 W’s
 Begins the majority of news stories
The Pentagon has ordered 1,500 additional troops
to Iraq to provide security in advance of the upcoming
election, military officials announced Wednesday
Delayed Identification Lead
 Withholds a significant piece of information until the
second paragraph (normally the “who”)
A Smallville man escaped injury Saturday after
plunging over Wohelo Falls in a kayak.
Lance Boyle, 27, was treated for cuts and bruises at
Mercy Hospital…
Anecdotal Lead
Anecdotal Leads have a beginning, a middle, and an
 Shed light on the bigger story
About five years ago, architect Mark Seder was
reading the morning paper and watching his 10-yearold son riding his bike at a local park. As he kept
looking up from the paper to his son, something
dawned on him.
“I realized that I was getting out of shape and I
thought, ‘Why in world don’t I join him?’” He was 49
years old when he began skating with his son.
Today, Seder is 54 and still skating…
Direct Address Lead
Used only in feature stories
 Use the second-person voice to speak
directly to you, the reader
If you’ve ever been waiting for a chance
to collect every episode of “Family Guy”
in one boxed DVD set, you’re finally in
Blind Lead
An extreme version of the Delayed
Identification Lead
 Teases the reader by withholding key
information and “springing it on them”
First the pale pink nail polish. Then
the gold stud earrings and the
monogrammed purse.
Is this any way for a football player
to dress?
It is if she’s a girl.
Meet Erin Shilk, 5-foot-3 and 180
pounds; she’s a girl blazing a trail
Startling Statement Lead
Used to startle the reader as a method
of grabbing his/her attention
One in four Americans will be infected
with a sexually transmitted disease at
some point in their lives.
Wordplay Lead
The use of humor/pun to grab
the reader’s attention
 Must apply to the story at hand
For Germans trying to lose
weight, the wurst is yet to