3 PS Approaches

Sales Management 3
Personal Selling:
Approaches and Process
Personal Selling Approaches
Stimulus Response Selling
Mental States Selling
Need Satisfaction Selling
Problem-Solving Selling
Consultative Selling
Stimulus Response Selling I
Simplest:Salesperson provides the stimuli
using words and actions.
Stimuli: statements, questions, actions,
audio-video aids, demonstrations
Responses: favorable reactions, eventual
Continued Affirmation:
prospect keeps saying “yes”
Often used in telemarketing
Stimulus Response Selling II
Logical structure (easily canned)
Easy to anticipate objections
Inexperienced salespeople can
quickly learn to use.
Stimulus Response Selling III
Not effective if prospect wants to talk.
Requires salesperson to dominate “pitch”
Lack of flexibility
Interruptions by prospect may disrupt flow
and effectiveness of presentation
Best if used in simple situations
Mental States Selling I
AKA “Formula Approach”
Assumes that every buyer is same and
takes them through same mental states or
steps in the buying process. AIDA
Mental States Selling II
Like stimulus-response, highly structured
sales presentation.
Forces salesperson to plan/practice
Helps salesperson recognize that timing is
important and that LISTENING is necessary
to recognize which stage the buyer is in at a
given point in time.
Mental States Selling III
It is difficult to recognize the stage
that the buyer is in.
At times prospect may be in multiple states
simultaneously, or switching back and forth.
Not a customer-oriented method.
Need Satisfaction Selling
Uncover and confirm buyer’s needs
Present offering to satisfy buyer’s needs
Continue selling until purchase decision
Need to really probe: Ask good questions
Good starting point for a Professional
What Lytle might call “Level 2”
Problem-Solving Selling
Extension of Need-Satisfaction
Beyond identifying needs to developing
alternative solutions to satisfy needs.
Your product may not be the best option.
Can take a lot of time.
Most successful in technical industrial
sales situations.
Consultative Selling
Helping customers achieve their strategic
goals via your products, services, expertise
Three Roles
Strategic Orchestrator
Business Consultant
Long-Term Ally
Sales Process
Initiating Customer Relationships
Precall Planning
Approaching Customer
Developing Customer Relationships
Sales Presentation Delivery
Gaining Customer Commitment
Enhancing Customer Relationships
Initiating Customer
Precall Planning: Do your homework
Approaching the Customer
Sales Presentation Planning
Sales Presentation Format
Sales Mix Model
Sales Mix Model
Presentation Pace
Presentation Scope
Depth of Inquiry
Two-Way Comm
Visual Aids
Developing Customer
Sales Presentation Delivery
Building Credibility
Personal Behavior/Appearance: Professionalism
Knowledge: Product, Customer, Competition
Sales Techniques: No Gimmicks
Achieving Clarity
Coping with Questions/Objections
Gaining Customer Commitment
Enhancing Customer
Starts with a close. THEN SERVICE!!!!!
Enter/Expedite Orders
Follow up
Help during installation
Warranty Service
Build Trust; Develop Reliance