* List and explain the 7 steps of selling
* The sales process involves solving your
customer’s problems with your product
* Sales people play a vital role in the process
* They gather information about customers,
advise them about which products best suit
their needs, and then lead them to a decision
to buy
* Depending on the consumer’s decision making
process, a sales person may or may not go
through ALL steps of a sale
* Approach the Customer – AKA “The Sales
* Greeting the customer Face-to-Face
* Never stereotype – Treat them as individuals
* Show interest by maintaining eye contact
* Learn and USE the customer’s name when possible
* Determine Needs
* Learning what the customer is looking for in
order to decide what products to show and which
product features to present first in the next step
of the sale
* It is the salesperson’s job to uncover their
customers’ problems or reasons for wanting to
* Could be obvious, could take work
* Present the Product
* Educating the customer about the product’s
features and benefits, as well as its advantages
over the competition
* First step is to figure out what product/products to
show your customer & then think about what to say
and how to say it
* SHARE your expertise of the product
* You have the solution to the customer’s needs
* Overcoming Objections
* Learning why the customer is reluctant to buy,
providing information to remove that uncertainty
and helping the customer to make a satisfying
buying decision
* Objections – concerns, hesitations, doubts,
complaints, or other reasons a customer has for not
making a purchase
* Should be seen as positive
* They give feedback and provide more opportunity to
present more information to the customer
* Close the Sale
* Getting the customer’s positive agreement to buy
* There are many different techniques to close a
* Perform Suggestive Selling
* Suggesting additional merchandise or services
that will save your customer money or help your
customer better enjoy the original purchase
* Helps increase customer satisfaction and increases
sales for the business
* Build Relationships
* Following up by creating a means of maintaining
contact with the customer after the sale is
* Maintaining a clientele is necessary for repeat sales