File - Ms. Nguyen's English + Leadership

*Ms. Nguyen
*Pre-AP English I
*Student Leadership
*Room 1118
* From Sugar Land
* University of Texas, at Austin
* Advertising
* Business Foundations Certificate
* Houston Baptist University
* M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction
* Recently ENGAGED!
* 197 kids
* Year THREE at CHS
* Student Council Sponsor
*My classroom is:
*Controlled Chaos
*Tutorials: Tuesdays - Thursdays 2:35–3:15PM.
Mornings are by appt.
*Conference Period: 2nd period 8:25-9:15
*Phone: (281) 634-8010 (email is better!)
*E-Mail: [email protected]
* Pre-AP 9th
* Pre-AP 10th
* AP 11th: AP Exam = one college
* AP 12th: AP Exam = one college
* 9th grade
* 10th Grade
* 11th Grade
* 12th Grade
* 1st Semester College - Lower-
Division English College Credit
* 2nd Semester College – Lower
Designed to teach students the
skills necessary to be successful
in Junior and Senior level AP
(Advanced Placement) courses.
Classes will move faster in order
to go more in depth.
Division English College Credit
*To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
*Animal Farm by George Orwell
*Romeo and Juliet by William
*Linked on the website to Amazon. It
does not matter what edition you get except for Romeo and Juliet.
*Need Animal Farm by September 22
It is more than just reading and writing…
*Make connections
*Analyze characters and conflicts
*Discuss daily
*Communicate concepts
*Apply our lives and personal knowledge
*We struggle (this is where the learning
*We work in groups
*Watch/read the news with your student!!
*Those who read GOOD writing are often better
*Encourage them to come in for tutoring and ask
for help on their own.
*Keep up with grades via Skyward!
*Get them to talk to you about what is going on
in class—not just how they are doing but what
we are reading and discussing too.
*If you are really ambitious, you could read
what we are reading in class!
*Discuss anything about your student, please
feel free to email me or make an
appointment during my conference period.
*I am more than happy to discuss any
concerns that you might have about this
year or your student’s individual progress!
*Please encourage your student to come and
talk to me as well! Parent/Teacher
communication is not the same as
Course Outline:
* The Structure of Leadership
* Organization and Managerial Skills
* Responsible Citizenship
* Goal Setting
* Group Process
* Communication
Leadership class IS…
* a time to learn and polish leadership
* a time to learn more about
themselves and what they stand for
* a time to laugh (and cry?) and have
fun working together
* a time to learn time management,
organization, discipline, diplomacy,
and persistence
* Project-based learning &
Experiential learning
* Service Projects
* Presentations
* Interviews
* Team-building activities
* Class Discussions
* Reflective writing