Essential Question
What causes the greatest conflict?
Think of conflict in your life and the lives of others
and name a few of the reasons why there is
conflict or the types of conflict that you think are
most common.
Conflict in Romeo and
Types and Examples
By: Jessica Murchie
Noxubee County High School
English III
Types of conflict named
 Man vs. Nature
 Man vs. Society
 Man vs. Himself
 Examples
 Conclusion
Types of conflict found in literature
Conflict is what makes any piece of
literature interesting to read. There are
three main types of conflict in any story.
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Himself
Man vs. Nature
Characters are struggling with something in
nature or the world that is not caused my
human beings.
Romeo does not receive the important
letter from Friar Lawrence because of the
 An illness is not something that humans
cause or control.
Man vs. Society
Characters are fighting against the society,
or group, in which they live. The conflict
is usually with ideas and morals that do
not match the groups ideas or morals.
Romeo and Juliet face adversity from their
families about the love that they feel from
each other.
 Society tells them that they should hate
each other, but their hearts tell them that
they are meant to be together.
Man vs. Himself
This type of conflict is cause when a
character has an issue within themselves.
There is a situation that is causing them
internal anguish.
Juliet fights with herself about loving
Romeo in the balcony scene.
 She asks herself why she must love her
enemy and struggles with how to make
the situation better.
Romeo and Juliet is a classic play that is full
of conflict.
Man vs. Nature
 Man vs. Society
 Man vs. Himself