Opposition Case (Renewed) Definition Destroy – to reduce to

Opposition Case (Renewed)
Destroy – to reduce to useless fragments
Tradition – a customary or characteristic method or manner
Community – social group of any size...
“Stores like Walmart”--large retail stores (specify?)
 Walmart not an absolute shopping place
People can go to local markets if in search for products not found in Walmart (which only stocks common
ex In 2006, Walmart withdrew from Korea
Reason said to have been 한국 맞춤형 서비스 부재, goods sold in too big a unit
 Retailers and manufacturers engage in a win-win relationship; both profit, cut production costs
Walmart biggest, most coveted buyer for manufacturers
Evidence for cut costs?
1. Econ theory : Natural horizontal monopoly due to economies of scale ex General Motors, US Steel
2. Quality of products not lower : Low prices derives not out of low qualities but saved cost of transportation
from economies of scale
3. More active Research & Development on the retailers’ part ex Walmart’s Telezone(R)
 Social capital, accumulates overall improvement in standard of living
Includes consumer surplus from lower prices, increase in R&D
 Each province has color
Each retailer distinct customs; Walmart does not 단일화 culture, does not hurt diversity in consumer tastes
 Social welfare. Walmart “No.1 donor”
Charitable Living Projects
Redistributing their profit
For them, of course, building corporate image (explains voluntariness)
but if it can transfer wealth to lesser-living countries
Hunger relief, military support, education
 Making better use of spaces traditionally not used
renovates buildings previously built
Interesting Points
Walmart no longer marketing in Korea, no other stores like Walmart
Emart etc. are substantially different! do not go under “stores like Walmart”
Interactions gets better—people willing to make relationships can go to local markets
Possible Rebuttals
Abuse of Insurance : Walmart profited from people dying?
Low wages, harsh work conditions