Updated 11/5/13
K-5 Starting up your PowerTeacher for Progress Reports. 2013-2014.
Your ELA and Math come right from the Common Core. Your SS and Sci are what you had on your
Progress Reports. There is a section called HR. These are Habits of Learning. These all came from your
Progress Report as well.
When you are doing your HR you will give them the following:
There is one place at the end to write comments.
When you do your ELA, Math, SS, and SCI you will use the following:
There are many areas for you to make comments on the standards.
PowerTeacher start up
Log on to PowerTeacher:
***You only take attendance on the Chair icon when you first open Power Teacher
Launch your Teacher Gradebook:
When you see this click OK. (make sure the blue bubble is on the Open with)
Some browsers have other screens to get past. Here are a few examples of what you might see:
Click on Later and check the box.
If you see this click on Keep.
If you see this one click the box and then click on Run.
Once open your grade book you click on he down arrow under Current Classes: Select 2013-2014
Under Reporting Term Click on All:
Click on Grade Setup.
Click on Grade Scales.
Now you need to set your grade scale for each class.
Double click on your HRA (this is your Homeroom and you will do your Habits of Learning here.)
Select the K-5 Habits of Learning Scale.
Now click on each subject and then click on Grade Setup.
Select the K-5 Standards Scale for each one.
Now you are ready to enter your “grades” and comments for T1.
Click on Scoresheet and then select T1:
Select your class then go to Final Grades.
When you see the C in a circle this is a comment field.
All others will need the scale number. 1-2-3
You will use the letters only for the HRA class. C-S-R
We will send out a reminder when to change to T2 and T3. Once a term is over.
T1=8/28/13 to 1/24/14
T2=1/25/2014 to 4/7/2014
T3=4/8/2014 to 6/23/2014
We plan on opening up the parent portal the last week of January after the teacher workshop day.
Courses and Sections that you will see:
HRA is for Home room you will see: HRA (A) MO-Grade 1 or HRA (A) MW-Grade 1.
P2, P3, P4 just stand for a period of the day. I had to make them up. The (A) that you see stands for A
day. You could have a B, C, D, if you needed them. We only have A days now.
MO-LA1, MO-LA2, MW-LA1, MW LA2, stands for the school, subject and grade level.