PSE 4U0 – EXERCISE SCIENCE Grade 12 University

Grade 12 University Preparation
This course focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors, and principles
involved in human development. Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on
health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sports, and the factors that
influence an individual’s participation in physical activity. The course prepares students for
university programs in physical education, kinesiology, recreation, and sports administration.
Prerequisite: Any Grade 11 university or university/college preparation course in science or
any Grade 11 or 12 open course in health and physical education.
1. Anatomy
i. The skeletal system
ii. The muscular system
2. Physiology
Energy systems
Cardiorespiratory system
Effects of physical activity on the body
Environmental effects on the body
3. Biomechanics
i. The laws of physics as they apply to movement
ii. Analysis of human performance
4. Human performance
i. Nutrition
ii. Performance enhancing methods
iii. Training methods
iv. Fitness testing and program adaptation
5. Motor Development
i. Stages of development
ii. Skill acquisition
iii. Teaching a skill
6. Sociology of Sport
i. Business and sport
ii. Societal issues (e.g. violence, exploitation, equal access)
7. Psychology of Sport
i. Arousal levels
ii. Preparing for activity
8. Philosophy of Sport
i. Discrimination
ii. Ethics
9. History of Sport
i. Great Canadians
ii. Canadian Recreation
iii. Canada’s contribution to international sports
In accordance with ministry guidelines, students will be evaluated in the following categories.
Knowledge/Understanding – 35%
Application – 20%
Thinking/Inquiry – 25%
Communication – 20%
70% of a student’s mark will be obtained during the semester. In keeping with the ideology that
this is a university preparation course, there will only be a few major assignments and tests
which will be evaluated throughout the course of the semester. There will be several checks (i.e.
quizzes) which will help you determine your areas of weakness. However, these will be used
primarily as assessment.
Please note, assignments that are not completed by the due date will result in the student
completing that assignment during their lunch hour in a designated assignment room. As well,
late assignments are subject to a 10% deduction. Students must complete their independent
study essay by the designated due date or a mark of 0 will be given. The independent study
essay and presentation are mandatory parts of the course. Failure to complete these tasks will
result in a forfeiture of the credit.
TIP: It is better to study the day’s work every night and then ask for clarification the next day.
Do not procrastinate or you will fall behind. Please do not be afraid to approach me on any
30% of your mark will be based on a final evaluation. This will consist of a presentation near the
end of the semester and a final exam. The final exam will consist of multiple choice and essay
BEST OF LUCK THIS SEMESTER! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me
at the school: [email protected] or 343-3107 ext. 463