Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
In taxi driver they use colours to express deep
emotions that the character has this is very typical of a
thriller were they sue hints to tell us more about the
story then is given in dialogue, also in taxi driver
colour is one of the most important thing because of
the taxi being yellow and this is an awkward colour
and in thrillers it is a dirty colure so it could refer to his
sick and dirty mind
There is not much
The darkness around the
lighting used this is
face conveys mystery and
done to bring out the
a darker side to his mind,
colours and to express
most thrillers contain the
the hard-core emotions
colour black to add
Light/ colour
The red of the
steam and the
people walking
past could show
that he hates
people and this
gives us an insight
on his views and
state of mind
The red/ orange colure creates the emotion of
anger and hate this could be what the character
feels about people these are the typical colours
and emotions of a thriller
Setting/ location/
set design
The setting of taxi driver is new York city. The set design creates it’s self
around this, being full of people and has lots of traffic and busy streets
also in taxi driver bad things usually are set at night. this is very typical
of thrillers because they usually are set in big city’s and have lots of
people in them. Thrillers usually have bad things such as crime and
death set at night this links with taxi driver because at the end he goes
and kills the pimps and this is set at night.
The setting is a busy
city this is very
common of thriller
The set design is dark, in a
thriller this is used to suggest
crime and bad things are
going on
the set design is very busy and
full of people this is typical of
thrillers because that are mostly
set in big city's like new York
and have lots of unsuspecting
people who get dragged into
The location of this
film is new York
The atmosphere of
this setting gives of a
very evil feel due to
the fact its night
Figure Expression / Body Language/ props
The facial expressions give us a inside look at the
characters state of mind with the loneliness of the eyes
in one shot but also we can see anger in a other shot.
this shows us that he has a fragile state of mind and
this could play a key part in the narrative of the story
because thrillers usually involve psychological
conflicts between two people or just one persons battle
with his own state of mind.
The facial expression looks
sad and alone this conveys
a sense of loneliness and
could reflect that he keeps
to him self and could
show a fragile state of
The camera focuses on the
face and not the body poster
witch would give us clues
about his status and age. By
doing this it adds mystery of
the character this happens a
lot in thrillers because
mystery is one of the key
themes of the movie.
the eye contact is not
focused on the camera
this could show that he
doesn't want to connect
to the viewer and shows
us that his personality is
shy and timid.
The key prop in taxi
driver is the taxi. The
taxi helps the
narrative because it
introduces him to the
prostitute that he
becomes obsessed
with. Also the taxi
gives us information
about him that he
likes to drive and
that he is ok with the
dead end job.
The taxi as a
prop relates to
the title of the
film and also
plays a strong
part in the
narrative this is
mostly done in
thrillers where
key props help
The taxi helps offer
information about
what the character
dose for a living
and gives us
questions like why
he might become a
taxi diver
Extreme close
up’s do not
show what's
around the
character this
is to add
mystery, this
is very typical
of thriller
because they
like to keep
This is an extreme close up
the viewer
so it only shows the eyes.
This is done because they
about what
want the viewer to see his
will happen
emotions close up and its
very personal.
This is a wide shot of the city
streets with people walking
pass. They could of done this
to show that it is set in a big
city, many thrillers do this
because they mostly take
place in big city's.
they could of also done this to show that he is cut
of from people this is show by the way they are out
there and he is in the taxi looking out at them
This is a POV they
have done this to
show the viewer
what it is like from
his view. The
window screen is
blurred this could
show his connection
with society in the
way that he dose not
want to be in it or is
not accepted into it