Creating a strong brand
What is the ‘big idea’ at the centre of the company?
What are the company’s values?
Where is the company being taken in the future?
How is the company perceived?
Customer profile for different brands
How susceptible are you to brands when you buy things?
A marketing failure
A food company launched a new
breakfast cereal product into a northern
European market.
The idea behind the product was that it
would be a quick and easy alternative to
making porridge oats (oatmeal in
American English), which is a winter
breakfast cereal eaten hot that requires a
bit of preparation.
The new product was a disaster. People
who made porridge for breakfast did not
switch over to the new “instant” product.
What could the marketing department do
to rescue the situation?
Email to MD of Rainbow Software Solutions (suggested answer)
Dear Sir / Madam,
I’m writing this email to put the record straight on the North American
marketing operation in the wake of its failure in California, Washington State
and Arizona.
There were four main problems:
firstly, the strategy document was ineffective
secondly, the software was faulty
also, the hardware failed owing to temperature problems
finally, there was a lack of support from Dimitri Karras.
As a result of these problems, the operation was a failure.
My recommendation is that there is an emergency meeting with a view to
seeing how the situation can be rectified.
What brands would you associate with these young people?
Dos and don’ts in advertising and marketing
Advertisement for a sat nav
Rewritten advertisement for a sat nav
Introducing the sleek new WayBeYond 250 satellite navigator: it’s got everything you
need to get you where you want to go! And a lot more!
With its easy-to-use functionality and superb navigation software, finding destinations
and getting to them has never been easier.
MP3 player for your favourite driving music
Bluetooth hands-free, with rechargeable battery power, so phoning has never been
easier or safer
Camera locator to spot speed traps
‘Where is it?’ to find directions to nearest petrol stations and hospitals
Easy-to-read maps for both home and in Europe
Get where you want to go!
Typical Australian taxi users
A survey of Australian taxi users produced the following information:
Taxi users are equally distributed between all age groups. They have predominantly
medium or high incomes.
Reason for travelling
Social 40%, professional 12%, airport 10%, shopping 6%
Other info
Business travellers are probably less sensitive to price than other users, and probably
give better tips, but represent a surprisingly small segment of the market.
Presnya Taxi – strategy options
•make current, We do better strategy more visible - how?
•go upmarket, e.g. limos, business-only and ladies-only cars?
•go downmarket: cut costs, salaries, service and prices, develop
advertising revenue
•think laterally, e.g. taxi motorbikes, equipped with comfortable
passenger seat, protective clothing and helmet, radio telephone, etc.
•radical solution to traffic, comfort and image problems?
Presnya Taxi – branding decisons
•change name, logo, etc. to something more in line with target
customer profile?
•make clearer, more targeted promise to customers - what?
•develop new image and company values to match new strategy what?
Presnya Taxi – partnering decisons
•can we find a partner business to share resources and costs? e.g. hotel
/ restaurant chain, airline, railway, B2B, football club, other?
•can we use the Internet to enhance customer service / experience,
perhaps with partners?
Presnya Taxi – promotion options
•advertising - where, when, what?
•organize events - what?
•should we have a website?
•could we use direct mail?
•what about sponsoring a basketball team?