PSYC314 - National Geographic Special - Killer Stress
1) Based on the research designs we have studied so far, identify the types of studies presented in
the documentary, including human and animal research.
What were the major research findings Robert Sapolsky found in his studies of baboons?
What were the major research findings of the Whitehall study?
4) Identify the independent and dependent variables? What were some of the control procedures
used to reduced extraneous factors and the possibility of a confound.
5) Sapolsky wrote a book “Why zebra’s don’t get ulcers,” can you tell why from the documentary?
6) What were the major research findings of Dr. Shively with macaque monkeys (stress and
7) What is the effect of stress on the brain and on the way fat is distributed on the body?
8) What are the findings of the study of the Dutch hunger winter?
9) What effect does stress have at the level of cells and genes (telomeres)?
10) What happened to the Kikorock baboon troop that turned out to be important scientifically?