Reading Stock Quotes Online: Part 2

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Personal Finance
Stock Market: Lesson 5
How Do You Read Stock Quotes Online: Part 2
Answer the questions based on the information you gather from a detailed stock quote website
(Ex: Yahoo Finance).
1. What company has the stock symbol GM?
2. What stock exchange does GM trade on?
3. At what dollar value did GM last trade?
4. How much did GM change in value and percent from the previous day?
5. What is the stock symbol for Toyota Motors?
6. What was yesterday's closing value for Toyota Motors
7. What was the opening value for Toyota Motors?
8. What is the day's range in value for Toyota Motors?
9. Does Time Warner pay a dividend?
10. When was the last time Time Warner paid a dividend?
11. How much of a dividend did Time Warner pay?
12. What was Time Warner’s volume for today?
13. What is the market cap for Microsoft?
14. What is Microsoft's average volume?
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Personal Finance
15. How much did Microsoft earn per share in the previous year?
16. What is Microsoft’s price-earning ratio?
17. What is Pfizer's earning per share estimate?
18. What is Pfizer's one-year target estimate?
19. What was Disney's lowest price in the last 52 weeks?
20. What was Disney's revenue listed on the company’s income statement?
21. What is the definition of the word Stock Split?
22. What is the definition of the word Dividend?
23. What is the definition of the word Sector?
Look at the five-year stock chart to answer the following questions.
24. How many times did Comcast Corporation (CMCSA) stock split over the last 10
25. If you bought 300 shares in January 4, 2006, how many shares would you have