Psychology Unit 2 Study guide

Psychology Unit#2 Exam
Neurons and Neurotransmission
What is a neuron?
What does a neuron do?
How does a neuron work?
What is a Neurotransmitter? Name and describe three types of
How fast can neural impulses travel?
What psychological disorder is liked to an under supply of serotonin?
Sensory neurons are part of the _________ nervous system.
Neural networks are facilitated by the formation of _________.
The Brain
9. What are the differences between the human, mammalian, and Lizard brain?
10. What are the important parts of the brain stem and what are they used for?
11. What are the important parts of the midbrain and what are they used for?
12. What are the important parts of the Cortex/Cerebrum and what are they
used for?
13. Who is Phineas P. Gage and why is his case important to psychology?
Nature Vs. Nurture (Ch. 3)
14. Chromosomes are contained in _____________.
15. What are mutations and how do they change the body?
16. How has sexuality contributed the nature vs. nurture debate? (Pages 103107)
17. How are men different than women? (Pages 103-107)
18. What does a behavior geneticist study?
19. What does gender identity refer to?
20. Compare and contrast the differences between fraternal and identical twins.
21. Describe the Nature vs. nurture debate and be able to provide 3 arguments
for each side.