Chapter 39 Guided Reading

Chapters 39 and 40 Nervous System
Chapter 39: Neural Signaling
1. Define and describe in detail the following terms in regards to the nervous system:
a. Neurons
b. Neural signals
c. Neurotransmitters
d. Glial cells (neuroglia)
e. Astrocytes
f. Neural signaling
i. 4 process of neural signaling
1. Reception
2. Transmission
3. Integration
4. Action by effectors
2. What are the parts of the central nervous system (CNS)?
3. Describe the following in relation to the CNS:
a. Sensory neurons (afferent neurons)
b. Interneurons (association neurons)
c. Motor neurons (efferent neurons)
4. What are the parts of the peripheral nervous system (PNS)?
5. Describe the 3 types of glial cells in the CNS.
a. Microglia
b. Astrocytes
c. Oligodendrocytes
6. Describe the deal with multiple sclerosis.
7. What is a Schwann cell?
8. What is the job of a neuron?
9. Diagram a neuron. Include and describe the following parts: dendrites, cell body, axon, synaptic
terminal, terminal branches, Schwann cell, collateral axon, nodes of Ranvier.
10. Define the following:
a. Neurotransmitter
i. Examples
b. Neuromodulator
c. Synapse
d. Myelin sheath
e. Nodes of Ranvier
f. Nerve
g. Tracts/pathways
h. Ganglia
Presynaptic neuron
Postsynaptic neuron
11. In detail, describe electrical and chemical synapses. What is a synaptic cleft?
12. Specifically explain the process of how neurotransmitters work. Make sure to include synaptic
vesicles and ligand-gated ion channels.
13. What are the different ways that repolarization can happen?
14. Describe some of the drugs that can inhibit reuptake.
15. Describe the difference between excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) and inhibitory
postsynaptic potential (IPSP).