Speech Outline Assignment 2013

Sophomore Speech: Preparing an Outline.
Purpose: To transfer topic research from fact card form into organized practice.
Format: You will follow a traditional “Harvard Outline” form which involves listing major “subtopics”
including introduction and conclusion into Roman Numerals and using traditional numbers and letters
for each fact. You will be forced to consider the best possibility for ordering your facts to create a
general design for the delivery of your speech.
Overall your speech outline should look something like this when you have ordered it and typed it
Introduction to “Your Topic Here”
1. Opening statement. Why are you interested in this topic? Or… Interesting fact that will
draw the audience in…
2. Thesis statement: Consider your topic choice and why you have decided to give your
speech on this topic. Also include some of the subtopics you will cover.
3. Transition: What do you hope everyone will learn by the end of your speech?
Subtopics: Many of you will have to revise your subtopics in order to really get this part
right. Please review your graded subtopic assignment. What comments did you receive?
If your overall content or organization was questioned, you should make every effort to
make changes before you proceed!
Subtopic #1 (Remember that the order in which you present each subtopic can very well
“make” or “break” the articulation and delivery of your speech). Choose the order wisely!
Let’s pretend that you have begun with the “history” of “Alcatraz”.
1. When was the idea for Alcatraz created?
a. You will list all subtopics related to the “idea” for Alcatraz here!!
c. “ “
Subtopic #2-#3: You will follow the same format as above for each of the remaining
Conclusion: This should be a very short and entertaining “last chance” opportunity to make
your speech an unforgettable experience!
Once again, provide an overview of your thesis. Explain once again a good reason for
everyone to learn about your topic.
2. Maybe finish by asking the audience a question about your speech? “Test” what they
have learned!
3. Offer a question and answer forum.
Works Cited: This will be VERY similar to your initial Bibliography, but different in the way
that you will provide ONLY the sources you actually used. Refer to your graded Bibliography
for help. You have the option of adding all additional resources here.
Assignment Schedule: You will work on this assignment for THREE days in the computer lab (March 1920-21). Make sure that you know your user name and password or else know how to save
your work by emailing it to yourself. I will not be able to help you with either of these
things!! At the very least, remember to print a copy of your work when you leave class so
that you have some record of your work.
Due Date: The assignment is DUE in class on Monday, March 25 (All classes) at the beginning of the
period. You will not be granted permission to print during class etc. If you hand in the
assignment late, you will lose ten points FOR EACH DAY the work is missing.
You will likely have to make major changes to your outline before you actually deliver the
speech. When this assignment is graded and returned to you, please keep it with your
materials. You will be required to submit your original outline along with your revised outline
on the day of the speech.
This completed assignment will add as many as 300 points to your total speech grade.
Other Reminders:
 This completed assignment must be typed and organized as mentioned above. Use 12
pt. font, keep your work single spaced, and use a one inch margin. There is no specific
length for this assignment, but most speech outlines are 6-8 pages long when
 Don’t forget to provide a proper heading (Name, Date, Course, Teacher Name
(O’Keeffe), and Period) in the upper LEFT hand corner.
 Include a HEADER on the upper RIGHT and corner of each page. Include your last name
and page number (Ex. O’Keeffe 1).