Minutes 6-3-09

September 9, 2015
Bergengren Hall 110, Room 112
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Members and Co-Chairs
Austin Albro, Dan Biferie, Veronica Black, Gabi Booth, Trevor Burns, Charles Carrier, Andrew Chalanick,
Linda Cupick, Shana Deyo, Nancy Duke, Ron Eaglin, Fatima Gilbert, Michi Gosney, Terrie Greenbaum, Kim
Grippa, Melinda Hamilton, Christina Hastie, Lisa Herbster, LaKisha Holmes, Lori Lemoine, Lee Kenyon,
Clarence McCloud, Frank Mercer, Karla Moore, Nancy Morgan, Aileen Morrissey, Bahman Motlagh,
Shannon Murdock, Brittany Nikolow, Anindya Paul, Doug Peterson, Mary Rhodes, Geraldine Rimstidt, Amy
Ringue, Evan Rivers, Valerie Schimenti, Lisa Severson, Brian Smith, Katherine Thurott, Richard Vollaro,
Dustin Weeks, Laurie White, Charlotte Wright
Nancy Morgan welcomed everyone, and reviewed the agenda and notebooks.
Executive Staff Update
Dick Pastor provided a Senior Executive Staff update. He spoke of daily communications
between executive staff and assignments, ERP, performance funding, board agenda, enrollment,
DirectConnect to UCF, and upcoming job fairs.
Core Performance Indicators
Susan Antillon presented a summary of the Core Performance Indicators, including FTIC
graduation/retention/transfer rates, completion/continuing education rates, job placement and
wages. She noted the information is available on the Institutional Research website. The
Indicators help identify key issues for the college and are the results of the planning process.
Retention and Success Strategies
Nancy Morgan reviewed the Performance Improvement Plan submitted to the state. Items in
the plan include job/career fairs, FasTrack jobs program, degree audits as part of registration,
OnTime 2 and OnTime 3 completion plans, mandatory student success course, individual plans
for career transition, and expanded work experience opportunities.
Committee Reports
Teaching and Learning Committee – Kim Grippa / Evan Rivers
The Teaching and Learning Committee presented an update on Academic Integrity, which
included an explanation of the process and a draft of the violation form.
Planning Council
September 9, 2015
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President’s Cabinet Update
Shannon Murdock provided a review of the items discussed at the September Cabinet meeting,
including tuition decrease which prompted a call from the governor to the college President,
performance funding, by-laws, F grades, nursing accreditation, and CEA student award earnings.
Dustin Weeks briefly reviewed the Planning Council’s work from last year and the challenges this
year’s Planning Council will be addressing.
VIII. Announcements
Valerie Schimenti announced the Falcons in Action program is seeking mentors.
Conclusion and Adjournment
Nancy Morgan reviewed the agenda for the next meeting on October 14 in the Library (Bldg.
210), Room 209. The meeting adjourned at 3:53 p.m.