Page 207 compared w/ page 94 +95

Page 207 compared w/ page 94 +95
- to show that even though Nancy is dead, her spirit lives through her horse, Babe.
- to allow the reader to feel Bobby’s devastation and pain.
- to show that people are trying to hold on to Nancy as much as possible.
- to express the strong effects tragedy has on those left behind.
- to provide a sense of nostalgia to produce empathy in readers.
- to show how the tragedy affects the people of Holcomb.
- to reveal Bobby’s state of mind after the murders.
How Capote crafts the text to achieve the purpose:
- imagery –old, dappled mare . . . magnificent eyes
- contrasted description—shifted point of view.
-repetition – “Babe”—creates personal connection
- Syntax – 94 + 95 – choppy vs. more complex.
On 207 – repetition of “Nancy” stressing the fact that it was Nancy’s Babe. Highlighting
the absence of Nancy.
- Felt glad that the horse was ok.
- Babe and Bobby are in the same situation?
- A strong sense of loneliness –Pathos.
- Simile