Go Through Chapter Notes 1-12

Final Study Guide ASL I (2
Study ALLVocabulary Chapter 1-12
(See my website for complete list)
*go through words if you know them automatically highlight. If you don’t know words go back and
review. Try going through the words again. Highlight only the words you know instantly.
Go Through Chapter Notes 1-12
Chapter 1 (What NMS go with Q/WHQ, what accompanies Yes/No questions, introductions to deaf
individuals, Big D vs. Little d, Glossing TTC)
Chapter 2 (There specific/Approximately, OH-I-SEE)
Chapter 3 (Directional Verbs, walking through a signed conversation)
Chapter 4 (Altering descriptive signs)
Chapter 5 (Getting the Attention of a Deaf individual, Noun vs Verb)
Chapter 6 (the sign WOW, negative incorporation, Modals)
Chapter 7 (CL: C, CC ,F, LL(bent) ,C*, O*, 5, s, Time, Quantifiers)
Chapter 8 (Meeting a Deaf individual, Past/Present/future, Personal Pronouns, Sign FINISH,
Chapter 9 (Hiding your signs, AGE, Time, CL: 55, Residential Schools)
Chapter 10 (Directional Verbs, CL: A, IY, V (bent) 1, )
Chapter 11 (Run Out vs Deplete/ Classifiers/ Abbreviations/ the meaning for NONE)
Chapter 12 (Wear Out/Shut Down/Break/Break Down, TTY, )
(Hand Shape, Orientation, Location, Movement, Expression/Non Manuals)
(Hearing learning ASL, lip-reading, clearing house for information on deafness, closed-captioning,
electronics, total communication, speech pathologist, Abbe’ de Lepee, Signed English, MCE, Laurent Clerc,
Sentence Structures, and more)