________________________________________________________________________________ level class (in progress). Research and create new AA

Summary of Program Review for Sign Language, Year 1
By Marcia Corcoran, Dean
Curriculum: Plan to create new ASL 67, 4th level class (in progress). Research and create new AA
degree in American Sign Language and create other deaf/ASL related classes such as Deaf Culture,
Fingerspelling and Numbers, and Introduction to Interpreting (in progress).
Instruction: Sole use of target language. Increased opportunities for interactions in class.
Student Success: Success for SL 64 and 65 range from 69-75% over past year; for SL 66 from 7092%. Nearly double the number of females to males. Hispanics enroll in the class the most.
African American students are least successful.
Initiatives:Work to increase number of students in SL 66. Develop course outlines and get
curriculum approved for SL 67 and other courses to count toward an AA degree. Create an AA
degree. Add a 1-hour lab component to each course.
Human Resources: Request another adjunct position and a full-time position as program grows.
Send full-time instructor to national conference ASL Teacher Conference ($1000).
Fiscal Resources: .40 FTEF to create SL 67 course for 15-16. .75X 10 sections = 7.5 CAH = .5
FTEF per semester to add lab component for 16-17.
Physical Resources: none needed
Technical Resources: none needed
Outreach & Articulation: Created new ASL club on campus, with activities to reach out to deaf
community, silent bowling night, and website.
Student Learning Outcomes:
~CLO:Created/assessed SL 64, 65, 66. Must be reassessed in next Program Review year.~PLO:2
~Number of courses w/ outcomes: 3~Number of courses with assessments:3
RECOMMENDATIONS: Are recommendations connected to assessment outcomes?Yes.
Goal is to have 70% of students in each class receive a 3 or 4 on the rubric. To be more successful,
students need more opportunities for practice—more interaction in class in pairs or small groups;
attendance at ASL club events, increased attendance at deaf community events or other field work;
an added 1-hour a week lab component.
Date: 11-11-14