ОЛИМПИАДНЫЕ ЗАДАНИЯ 9 класс 1. Reading 1.The people

1. Reading
1.The people below all want to buy a CD-ROM. Read the descriptions of eight CD-ROMs. Decide which CD-ROM (letters AH) would be the most suitable for each person (number 1-5). For each of these numbers, mark the correct letter on your
answer sheet. There are extra letters.
Gerry would like to help his 16
year-old daughter who has
always dreamt of flying planes.
She can’t be a pilot because of
her eyesight, and he wants her to
think about another job
Erica is looking for a present for
her 14 year-old son. He loves
listening to all kinds of music,
but she’d prefer him to start
playing music himself.
Paula knows she has a good
figure but apart from that she
isn’t satisfied with the way she
looks. She wants something
which will help her change her
Daniel got some money for his
thirteenth birthday from his
grandmother. He really wants to
get a racing game, but she says
he must buy something which
will help him with his school
Patricia (15) love speed and even
writes poems about it. She can’t
wait to have driving lessons and
would like something which
gives her a good idea about being
in control of any kind of
A. Magic makeover
Have you ever wanted to see whether a new hairstyle would suit you
before you visit the hairdresser’s? Now you can experiment with
hundreds of hairstyles, glasses and make-up fashions. Both men and
women can find the perfect face for themselves with this useful tool.
B. Write now
Young people (aged 8-18) can develop their writing skill, creativity
and story-telling ability by writing about a very important subject:
themselves. They are encouraged to write poems, songs, diaries and
stories about their family and friends, things they love and hate, their
secret hopes and wishes.
C. Take off
This is more than just a game because you really learn how to fly a
plane or helicopter. You study a detailed instruction and practice on
screen with sets of flight instruments from a variety of aircraft.
Experience taking off and landing at any one of 3,000 airports
D. Speed kid
Young people aged 3-15 can explore and discover with this
educational games. Difficulty levels can be changed to suit any player.
Activities range from maths problems to word games, from drawing to
language learning, all based around fun with fast cars, high speed
trains and planes.
E. Top notes
This is enormous library of all types of music from the last 80 years.
Watch performances, listen to recordings, look at 9,000 album covers
and photos, and read articles on 4,000 artists. You can search by
artist’s name, type of music or period.
F. Choose right
This is an essential guide to making the right career decision. You
complete a detailed questionnaire and it tells you what you are good at,
including your social, practical, creative and leadership strengths. It
then shows you what further education and career choices are open to
G. Personal trainer
You tell the ‘trainer’ details about your weight, height, etc., and it will
give you a personal fitness and body-shaping programme. Whether you
are male or female, young or old, want something difficult or easy, you
will find a series of suitable exercises here which will make you look
and feel better.
H. Master class
This has 50 hours of instruction and will give you the basic skills
needed to play the guitar. All beginners can learn to play their
favourite songs. You can practice in private, but very soon you will be
confident enough to perform in public. You could even make your
2. Use of English
2. Put each of the following words or phrases in its place in the passage below.
side dish
Main course
Entertaining at home
Ann often gives dinner parties at home. She lays the table: puts the (6)_____ in the right places, sets out the
plates and puts a clean white (7)_____ at each place. For the meal itself, she usually gives her guests some kind of
(8)_____ first, for example soup or melon. Next comes the (9)_____ , which is usually meat (unless some of her
guests are (10)_____ or if they are on a special (11)_____ with a (12)_____ of salad. For (13)_____ it'’ usually fruit
or ice cream, and then coffee. When everyone has gone home, she must think about doing the washing up as in the
kitchen the (14)_____ is full of dirty (15)_____ .
3. Choose the correct option
16. Mike drove/ was driving us all home after the party.
17. The lorry sped/ was speeding when it crashed into the bus.
18. The boat stopped/ was stopping at three different islands before reaching its final destination.
19. Sam Taylor learned/ was learning to drive when he was 65 years old.
20. The hot air balloon travelled /was travelling at a height of 50 metres when it caught fire.
21. My grandmother rode/was riding her bicycle to work every day for forty years.
22. The flight to New York took/was taking off two hours late.
23. Paul Smith tried/was trying to sail across the Atlantic Ocean three times before he succeeded.
24. I have been/have been going skiing many times. I really enjoy it.
25. Jenny has been telling/ has told her daughter to take up a hobby for a long time.
4. Use the words given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line.
My clever little sister
26. My little sister is only eight but she is very______ (intelligence).
27. She is one of the _______ (good) students in the school
28. but is also very good at sports, which is ______( usual).
29. What’s more, she is a ______(talent) musician.
30. We are very _____(pride) of her because she came
31. first in a music _____(compete). She already plays
32. the violin very _____(good) and she wants to be a professional
33. musician. The house is very _____(noise) when she is
34. practicing, and it is a bit _____(irritate) when I’m doing my homework,
35. so I sometimes have an _____(argue) with her.
4. Sociocultural competence
5. Many English idioms contain words that mean a part of the body. Match such idioms (36-45) to their meanings (A-D).
There are some extra meanings that you don’t have to use.
36. See eye to eye with someone
37. Turn a blind eye to something
38.Turn something on its head
39. Keep your head above water
40. Have a hand in something
41. Wash your hands of something
42.Find your feet
43. Get cold feet
44. Get your fingers burned
45. Keep your fingers crossed
A…. ignore.
B…. agree.
C…. surprise.
D…. check.
A…. panic.
B…. understand.
C…. change.
D…. survive.
A…. be in control.
B…. refuse responsibility.
C…. make the decision.
D…. help create
A…. reject.
B…. become anxious.
C…. gain confidence.
D…. be sensible
A…. be unsuccessful.
B…. accuse.
C…. identify.
D…. hope for good news
Ответы к заданиям 9 класс
1. F
2. H
3. A
4. D
5. C
1. cutlery
2. napkin
3. starter
4. main course
5. vegetarians
6. diet
7. side dish
8. dessert
9. sink
10. crockery
11. drove
12. was speeding
13. stopped
14. Learned
15. was travelling
16. rode
17. took
18. tried
19. have been
20. has been telling
21. intelligent
22. best
23. unusual
24. talented
25. proud
26. competition
27. well
28. noisy
29. irritating
30. argument
За каждый правильный ответ – 1 балл
Социокульт. компетен
1. B
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. D
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. D