Sara Pardall

Sara Pardall
 A vegetarian diet may have some
significantly negative effects on your health
according to Austrian researchers
 Health and wellness
 Study done at Medical University of Graz,
vegetarians generally have poorer health and
a lower quality of life than those that eat
 The study used data from Austrian Health
Interview Survey.
 Stated that vegetarians are more physically active
and avoid things like alcohol and tobacco, however
still have an increased risk of cancer, allergies, and
mental health disorders
 Vegetarians are less likely to seek preventative
measures such as vaccines
 More research will need to be done before they can
reach a definite conclusion
 “No statements can be made whether the poorer
health in vegetarians in our study is caused by their
dietary habit or if they consume this form of diet due
to their poorer health status.”
 The researchers also admit that they would need to
measure caloric intake more carefully in future
 The research does show that a carnivorous diet rich in
fruit and vegetables may be the healthiest way to eat. It
showed that vegetarians were also the most likely to
develop conditions including osteoporosis, migraines,
bronchitis and cataracts.