What is M.I.R.P.?

Mukaabya’s Study Skills
8th Grade
M - Monitored
I - Independent
R - Reading
P – Practice
The main purposes of MIRP are
to build vocabulary and fluency.
Vocabulary is the
knowledge of words and
word meanings.
Fluency is simply the ability
to read text accurately and
How M.I.R.P. Works
 In school, Students should read(silently) at least 15-20
minutes a day, five days per week.
 At home, students should read at least 25 minutes a
day, five days per week.
 Students should select books on their independent
reading level or use the Rule of 5 for selecting a text.
What is the Rule of 5?
The rule of 5 is a system designed to help students
select an appropriate book to read.
 Open a book to the middle and begin reading.
For each word you don’t know, put up one finger.
If at the end of the page you have:
 5 or more fingers up - too hard and challenging,
save for later book
 4 fingers up - very challenging
 2-3 fingers up - just right
 0-1 fingers up - too easy, vacation book
How M.I.R.P. Works
 Students should keep a reading log or journal to record
daily what they have read. ****I will give you this!****
 While students are conducting M.I.R.P., I will be
conducting conferencing with individual students.
1. The primary focus of conferences is to provide an
opportunity for students to talk about their reading. I
will ask questions about your text and have students read
orally for a fluency check.
2. At the conclusion of the conference, I will help make
suggestions for further reading and set goals for the
Classroom Rules for M.I.R.P.
 Absolutely, no talking!!!!!
 You will not leave the classroom or get out of your seat.
 Under no circumstance will you interrupt a
conference between another student and myself.
 Be prepared, always have your book in class.
 No whining