Specific Heat Capacity

Specific Heat Enrichment
Research specific heat capacity and write a paragraph including items 1-3 below and then
calculate the problems in question 4 being sure to show all of your work.
Suggested resources:
Textbook pages 256-257
Video: “Chemistry Connections: Specific Heat Capacity and Calorimetry”
1. Define specific heat capacity.
2. Compare the specific water and the metal of a seat belt.
3. Give two real life examples.
o For example, on a hot summer day the metal part of a seatbelt feels hotter than
the cloth.
4. Calculate the following
o Imagine that you heat 2L of water to hear pasta. The temperature of water
before is 40 C and the temperature after is 100 C. What is the heat involved?
o Suppose you put a glass filled with 180mL of water in to the refrigerator. The
temperature of the water before is 25 C and the temperature after is 10 C. How
much energy was transferred away from the water as it became colder?