Argumentative Paper

Argumentative Paper
 Can
those who have made public
mistakes still be seen in a positive light?
After reading The Crucible, write an essay,
speech or editorial that addresses the
question and support your answer with
evidence from the text. Be sure to
acknowledge competing views and give
examples from past or current events or
issues and clarify your position.
Examples Of People Making
Public Mistakes
 Bill
 Christina Aguilera
 Ashley Simpson
 Lindsay Lohan
 Britney Spears
 Charlie Sheen
 Tiger
 Arnold
 Jesse James
 Mel Gibson
 Kobe Bryant
Arrangement of Paper
 Paragraph
1-Introduction: state your
purpose; capture the audience’s
 Paragraph 2-Statement of Background—
briefly tell the key events in the story (not
the play, but the story of John Proctor and
his affair)
 Paragraph 3-Proposition –give your major
points and state your position in detail
Arrangement continued
 Paragraph
4, Proof—give your proof from
the play that answers the original
question, also include proof from one or
two celebrities
 Paragraph 5, Refute-briefly state what the
opposing view is and why it is wrong
 Paragraph 6, Conclusion—restate your
position and summarize your points
Your rough draft is due Wednesday, Jan. 25
It must be typed, double spaced
You may submit a hard copy to me or you
may submit it online through the website
**This is just a rough draft. We will be learning
about documentation and finding sources to
support your ideas before the final draft.