Discover Office in Government

Discover Office in Government
Office provides government employees anywhere access to familiar Office applications,
email, calendar, video conferencing, organization-wide social networking, and up-to-date
documents across devices—from PCs to smartphones to tablets—with enterprise-grade
security, IT controls, and flexible deployment options. 1, 2, 3
What’s new?
Best experience anywhere.
Office applications are optimized to
provide the best experience across
devices—from PCs to smartphones
to tablets. Access information and
shared documents to communicate
and collaborate with colleagues
and citizens in real time. 1, 2, 3
Run Office cost-effectively the
way you want. Take advantage of
flexible deployment options to run
Office on-premises, as a hosted
service, or as a hybrid of both to
adhere to your local or regional
government policies. 1, 2
Stay connected. Use highdefinition video conferencing and
organization-wide social
networking and newsfeeds to
facilitate engagement within and
between agencies and the citizens
you serve—providing real-time
updates to help keep everyone in
sync. 2, 4
Security without compromise.
Office helps keep sensitive
government data safe and helps
enable regulatory compliance with
enterprise-grade data loss
prevention tools, built-in malware
protection, and integrated
compliance functionality.
Why upgrade to Office?
If your organization fits one of these four scenarios, then it’s time to consider upgrading Office.
Old server. Your organization uses an old server and is concerned about
security and maintenance costs.
Growing needs. Your organization is experiencing growth and is looking
for solutions to help meet your mobility and collaboration needs.
Hosted mail. Your organization struggles to manage disconnected web-based
email accounts or software.
Old Office. Your organization uses outdated versions of Office, and has compatibility
issues or is concerned about ongoing platform support.
Top reasons to buy Office
Anywhere access
Working together
Look professional
Best on Windows
End of support
Work from virtually
anywhere—in the field, at
the office, or from home—
with access to your latest
documents and files using
familiar Office applications,
optimized for use across
PCs, smartphones, and
tablets. 1, 2, 3
Improve collaboration to
better serve citizens using
familiar Office applications
with business email, shared
calendar, document
sharing, organization-wide
social networking, and
high-definition video
conferencing. 1, 2, 3
Highly secure business
email and external websites
help transform citizen
interaction and foster selfservice. New features in
Excel and PowerPoint allow
you to easily analyze
agency data and conduct
effective presentations.
Office delivers the best
experience on Windows 8.
Intuitive touch features
work the way people use
devices—flip through
presentation slides, read
agency documents, take
notes during agency
meetings and citizen
forums, and check email.
Running Office 2003 and
Windows XP after the endof-support date (April 8,
2014) may expose your
agency to security,
compliance, and
compatibility risks due to a
lack of ongoing updates.
Office currently supports PCs running Windows 7 or higher; Macs running Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher (required for Office 365 only); Windows Phone 7.5 or later;
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation) running iOS 6.1 or later.
An appropriate device, Internet connection, and supported browser and/or carrier network connectivity are required. Data charges may apply.
Microsoft solutions may not support all devices at the same level of features, functions, capabilities, and security. See for supported devices.
High-definition (HD)–capable hardware is required.
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Experience Office today
Power of Choice
Whether you are a small organization with limited IT
resources or a large agency with advanced IT needs, Office
has solutions optimized for your organization’s size and IT
needs. Office delivers the best value to government
organizations through Office 365 cloud subscription services,
with familiar Office desktop applications, business-grade
email, shared calendar, and HD video conferencing. Office
can also be deployed traditionally on-premises or as a hybrid
of both. Choose the version of Office that best fits your
organization’s size and needs.
Office 365
Small Business
Office 365
Office 365
1–10 users
No IT skills
11–250 users
Internal or
partnersupported IT
250+ users
Advanced IT
Office Home
& Business
Plus 2013
Plus 2013
Office Desktop Applications
Exchange Online
Latest version of Office suite as a subscription
Hosted business-class email and shared calendar
Per user licensing across 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices
Documents, applications, and settings roam with you
25 GB of storage per user
Use organization domain name to send emails
Office on Demand to stream the full Office to a PC 1
Premium spam and malware protection
SharePoint Online
Lync Online
Document sharing and management in the cloud 1, 2
Multiparty HD video conferencing 3, 4
Internal and external sites for working together on projects
Real-time note taking and document sharing
Online and offline access to documents 1
Instant messaging and presence across firewalls
Build a public website with easy-to-use templates
Skype federation with presence, IM, and voice
Why choose Office 365 over the
What are people saying about
Office 365?
 Provide a familiar, consistent user experience across
PC, tablet, phone, and browser 2 that virtually
eliminates the learning curve.
 Provide an integrated, easy-to-use solution that allows
you to access documents online and offline, share
calendars, send an instant message, and make PC-toPC calls—allowing you to get work done virtually
anytime, anywhere. 1, 2
“We believe Office 365 helps us to enable our mobile strategy
and will help our employees be more efficient.”
 Scan Office 365 customers’ email for ad targeting.
There is no ad-supported version of Office 365.
 Require you to use a number of individual solutions to
meet your organization’s needs.
–Hamburg Port Authority (Germany)
”By moving critical Microsoft solutions to the cloud, we will not have
to worry about support, backups, or disaster recovery—some of
our biggest administration headaches today.”
–Limpopo Department of Agriculture (South Africa)
”We looked at the costs of staying on-premises versus moving to
Office 365. We found Office 365 to be the better deal when
considering costs related to upgrades, updates, and other daily
–State of Minnesota (United States)
Visit or contact a local Microsoft Partner to discover
how your organization can benefit from Office today.
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