Windows 7 Professional at a Glance

You talked. We listened.
Discover the benefits.
Windows 7 Professional for small and midsize businesses
We listened to business customers just like you to find out what you needed from your
PCs. We heard loud and clear: performance, ease of use, and security. Designed to meet
the needs of small and midsize businesses, the Windows® 7 Professional operating system
delivers a powerful combination of innovation, improved performance, and productivity. It
simply works the way you want—helping you focus on what matters most—your business.
Here’s a quick overview of key benefits you’ll see.
“Speed, reliability, and compatibility—these are my
absolute must-haves.”
shutdown, sleep, and resume from Standby.
“Businesses of all sizes will
appreciate the productivity boost
that the enhanced speed and
overall reliability will bring to the
computer experience.”
—MJ Shoer, President and Virtual Chief
Technology Officer of Jenaly Technology
Group, Inc.
faster recovery from problems when they happen.
applications. In addition, it can also extend the life of your older Windows XP
productivity applications with a valuable transition tool, Windows XP Mode,* which
runs on your Windows 7 PC.
“I just need things to be easy, so I can get more done
each day.”
applications, or even menus appear in seconds.
place as well as greater connection and networking options.
at home, or on the road, you can now easily connect to other networks or even
other computers within your home.
“Safeguarding my business is critical. I need to make sure all
my information is backed up, protected, and highly secure.”
or change.
that let you encrypt your files and folders.
threats, spyware, and other forms of malicious software.
Works the way you want.
Windows 7 Professional: the right choice for today’s business environment
Genuine Windows 7 Professional can help keep your business running in today’s changing marketplace with:
• The latest innovations in search, ease of use, mobility, networking, and security.
• Compatibility with a broad set of devices and applications. In addition, Windows XP Mode provides you with the
run many older Windows XP productivity applications right from the Windows 7 desktop.
product lineup of Windows 7 is easy to understand. With no more complex choices between editions, all Windows 7
editions simply offer a more complete set of features than the edition before.
The right Windows 7 for you
Home Premium
Professional Enterprise/Ultimate
Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation.
Launch programs and find the documents you use most often—quickly and easily.
Make your Web experience faster, easier, and safer with the Internet Explorer® 8 Internet browser.
Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV on your PC.**
Easily create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup.
Connect to company networks easily and more securely with Domain Join.
Automatically send your documents to the right printer, whether you’re at work or at home, with LocationAware Printing.
Schedule a periodic backup to save data or an entire system image to a network location or a local drive.
Recover your data easily with automatic backup to your home or business network.
Encrypt your files and folders to help protect confidential information.
Run many older Windows XP productivity applications in Windows XP Mode.*
Help protect your data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLockerTM
drive encryption.
Work in the language of your choice or switch between any of 35 languages.
Purchase options
Windows 7 Professional is available preinstalled on new PCs or in a product package off the shelf. The Windows 7 Professional
upgrade license is available through all Microsoft® Volume Licensing programs for use on compatible PCs that have a qualifying
older business operating system—such as Windows Vista® Business or Windows XP Professional—already installed.
Determine whether your current PC is ready for an update to Windows 7, visit the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor at
Upgrading from Windows XP requires a custom (clean) installation of Windows 7 and then reinstallation of programs, drivers, and
settings, and programs.
data. An upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 preserves current
For current offers on Windows 7 Professional through a Microsoft Volume License Agreement, go to
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