US I Final Exam Review PPT

Name the candidates and their parties in the
presidential election of 1928.
Extremely risky business transactions in the
stock market, to make quick or large profits.
The McNary-Haugen bill would have
established this for farmers crops, but it was
vetoed by President Coolidge.
The day the stock market crashed on
October 29, 1929 was called…
This is the average of a group of stocks
indicating whether the Stock Market is up,
down, or unchanged.
Provided a means to monitor and enforce
regulations on the Stock Market.
Paying a small percentage (10%) of a stocks
price and borrowing the rest from the Stock
This raised retail prices, reduced imported
goods into the US, and prevented other
countries from earning American currency.
Buy now, pay later, often on an installment
1924-1940, economy down, unemployment
Built parks and roads, planted trees, helped
with soil erosion and flood control.
This required corporations to provide
complete, truthful information on all stock
Set a minimum hourly wage and prohibited
factory labor for children under 16.
This rebuilt dams and provided Hydroelectric
Provided a pension for retired workers and
their spouses and aided people with
disabilities, poor mothers with dependent
children, and the needy elderly.
Established the National Labor Relations
Board to settle disputes between employers
and employees.
Fought unemployment and poverty by
creating jobs building airports, libraries, and
federal buildings
Provided for bank inspections by the
Treasury Department and federal loans to
solid banks.
Protects individual bank accounts, originally
up to $5,000.00.
Name three things that stimulated US
Which country’s residents became citizens
of the United States in 1917?
Who told the artist Frederic Remington, “You
furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war”?
For which action did Theodore Roosevelt
win the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize?
Name three conflicts that US troops were
involved in.
What did the United States insist that Cuba
include in its constitution?
On what did the Roosevelt Corollary build?
What was included in the de Lôme letter?
What war ended with the Treaty of Paris of
What was the purpose of the Foraker Act?
What were the four main causes of WWI?
Where did the assassination that triggered
World War I occur?
What caused widespread starvation in
What did the United States use to overcome
the threat of German U-boats?
What did the Selective Service Act require?
Which weapons of mechanized warfare
were introduced in World War I?
Name the “Big Four”, leaders and countries.
Who rejected Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”
peace plan?
What reason did Senators give for opposing
U.S. membership in the League of Nations?
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were
charged with, and convicted of,
The immigration policies of the 1920s limited
immigration from all countries except
Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer
believed that he needed to protect the
American people from
During the 1920s, union membership
increased, decreased, or stayed the same?
The first practical peacetime use of
airplanes was for
The main factor causing urban sprawl in the
1920s was
The Teapot Dome scandal centered around
The Fordney-McCumber Tariff was meant to
To protect their own interests, employers
often accused striking workers of being
What was the first major action Franklin D.
Roosevelt took as president?
Who was the first woman to serve in the
What was the main objective of the
Agricultural Adjustment Act?
What New Deal program most directly
responsible for creating new jobs and
putting people to work?
What role did Eleanor Roosevelt play in the
Franklin D. Roosevelt administration?
What reached a new high during Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s first term as president?
Who took photographs of the grim lives of
farm families fleeing the Dust Bowl during
the Depression?
List the four goals of the Progressive
Muckrakers were
In “The Jungle”, Upton Sinclair exposed
The first person to use the presidency as a
“bully pulpit” was
The law that required truthful labels was the
Tennessee Valley Authority map
Describe the causes of the Great Depression.
Defend the argument that America’s poor use of credit
will be the leading factor towards the economic
collapse of the late 1920’s.