Student Name: Kalifa Smith
Date: Smith
The Republic of Haiti is
located in the Caribbean
basin, in the western
one-third of the island
of Hispaniola, between
the Caribbean Sea and
the North Atlantic
Flag : The flag of Haiti
was adopted on February 25,
1987. The flag is divided
into two horizontal
rectangles. The top half is
blue and the bottom is red.
Since 1843 the flag for
official and state use has had
the coat of arms of Haiti on
a white panel in the center.
Motto: "L'Union Fait La
Anthem: La Dessalinienne
The Haiti national
football team is the
national team of Haiti
and is controlled by the
Fédération Haïtienne de
Football. They have
made one appearance at
the World Cup finals, in
The government of Haiti is
a semi-presidential republic,
a pluriform multiparty
system wherein the
President of Haiti is head of
state elected directly by
popular elections.The Prime
Minister acts as head of
government and is
appointed by the President,
chosen from the majority
party in the National
Edwidge Danticat is
an Haitian-American
While still in Haiti,
Danticat wrote her first
short story about a girl
who was visited by a
clan of women each