Viking Webquest-Alexandra 2

Your name in Runes: Alexandra
The Vikings
What does the word Viking mean? How did the Vikings themselves use the word?
The word “Viking” means “a pirate raid”. The word comes from the language of Old
Norse. The Viking used this word as a verb and used the word which meant “going
"Where did the Vikings come from?" BBC Primary. BBC , n.d. Web. 17 May 2010.
< who_were_the_vikings/>.
Where did they originate from? Cut and past a map here showing you know which countries
They originate from Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. "Where did the Vikings come from?"
BBC Primary. BBC , n.d. Web. 17 May 2010. <
What is the significance of the attack on, “ England's Lindisfarne monastery in A.D. 793?”
Write the reasoning in your own words.
The significance of the attack on England’s Lindisfarne monastery on June 8th,
A.D. 793 is that the attack sent a shock throughout the whole of Europe.
"The Vikings." NOVA. NOVA, 9 May 2000. Web. 17 May 2010. < wgbh/nova/listseason/27.html#2708>.
Who is Eric Bloodaxe?
What is his importance to the Vikings?
Eric Bloodaxe’s importance to the Vikings was because Eric Bloodaxe was to
protect the land from the Danes and other intruders.
Williams, Gareth. "Conquest and reconquest." BBC. BBC, n.d. Web. 17 May 2010.
What is “The image of the archetypal Viking Warrior”? How is this image or
personae described?
The image of the archetypal Viking Warrior is
o What was his wife known for? Why?
What is so special about the Viking ships?
o What about the drekar? (click here for another website to use too)
o How were they made to be water proof?
o Copy paste an image of one of the Vikings boat and label its parts.
In regards to their Religion:
o Who is Eddas?
o What does the death of Christ have to do with their religion?
o Who is their most powerful one-eyed god?
o Who was their most popular god?
o What were they the gods of?
The Viking Diaspora: here you are to click on five countries and tell of the influence or the
discoveries of the Vikings at each place.
Viking Quest: here you are to be a Viking. Think like a Viking. You are a Viking!
Homework: For those of you who have not completed The Viking Diaspora then you have
homework, which is to complete the Viking Webquest. Once you have accomplished your task,
please post your results on your Wiki-space for grading.