Macromolecules Foldable

Macromolecules Foldable
The purpose of this activity is to help create a fun and easy way to study the four
biological macromolecules. Your teacher has an example for you to follow.
Macromolecule chart
1 pair of scissors
4 different colored pencils/crayons/highlighters
1. Use your Macromolecule chart from yesterday to help you with this activity!
2. Fold the worksheet along each solid line:
a. Lengthwise – once
b. Widthwise – once in half and then in half again.
3. Cut along the dotted line.
4. Fold the worksheet so that all pictures are facing you. Label each picture with
the corresponding macromolecule name.
5. As you flip each picture up, draw and write in the monomer that corresponds to
the macromolecule.
6. Directly below the monomer for proteins and nucleic acids, list the general types
and an example for each. Do the same for carbohydrates and lipids, which is
found above the monomer.
7. Now open all the flaps and lay the worksheet flat. Directly below each picture is
the box for “function.” Fill in the function for each macromolecule directly below
the picture.
8. Color the four boxes (picture, function, monomer, type/example) for each
macromolecule. For example: the picture, function, monomer and type of
carbohydrates will all be shaded or outlined red.
9. Use this new tool to help you study for your test!