Q-UEST DATE: Tuesday November 13

CHC2D – Unit 2b. Boom and Bust, Canada in the 30s
Q-UEST DATE: Tuesday November 3
Q-UEST Format:
Multiple Choice
Defining Moment
Topics to Know:
The Stock Market and in ‘Black Tuesday’ (easy credit, lack of financial
regulation, vulnerable Canadian economy – export based)
Causes of the Great Depression: European Currency
Stock Market Crash
No world demand for Canadian natural resources
King’s response to the needs of the depression – how he thought it would
fix itself
King – Bennett election (1930)
Bennett’s response to the economic crisis: Trade protectionism and
tariffs, imperial preference, response to the unemployment crisis, relief
Relief Camps – riding the rails.
The trek to Ottawa and the Regina riot.
Impact of the Depression, region by region (drought in the prairies)
How people coped.
The Political Spectrum: Communism (L)
(R) Capitalism
Growing popularity of new political / economic ideas and our government’s
reaction to them. ie Socialism, Communism and Fascism
Rise of new political parties: CCF, Social Credit, Union Nationale
Bennett’s New Deal
1935 election – King or Chaos!
Canada moves towards autonomy:
1919 Canada participates in Paris Peace Conference & League of Nations
1923 Halibut Treaty, Imperial Conference.
1926 Statute of Westminster and the Balfour Report.
1927-1935 Stronger economic relations with the United States
Culture and the Arts: the radio age, movies, professional sports (hockey –
Toronto Maple Leafs), magazines
American influence on Arts and Culture: Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation (CBC)1936 (founded to establish and promote Canadian
arts and unity, National Film Board (NFB) 1939
The Dionne Quintuplets born May 28, 1934