Socials 11

Socials 11
Ms. Matthews
WWII – The War at Home
(Counterpoints, pgs. 122 – 128)
1. Describe the policy of “total war” followed by the Canadian government.
2. What three initiatives did the Canadian government undertake to prevent inflation
and pay for the war? How successful were these initiatives?
3. What was the Wartime Prices and Trade Board (WPTB)?
4. Changes in society:
a) In what year were unions again allowed to form?
b) Why did this change in attitude from the government occur?
c) When was unemployment insurance introduced by King?
d) What was Family Allowance and why was it needed?
5. What was the purpose of the National Resources Mobilization Act (NRMA)?
6. How did Canada’s economy change during the war?