Learning Targets

Unit 03 Structure and Function
Learning Targets
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1. Identify the inputs and outputs of
aerobic cellular respiration.
2. Explain the difference between aerobic
respiration and anaerobic respiration in
terms of oxygen availability and energy
3. Explain what fermentation is.
4. Differentiate between the outputs for
fermentation in animals and
fermentation in other organisms.
5. Differentiate between the amount of
ATP produced in aerobic respiration
and the amount produced during
anaerobic fermentation.
6. Identify each level of biological
organization in order from cell to
7. Explain how feedback maintains
homeostasis in the body.
8. Name the 6 nutrients necessary for the
body to function properly.
9. Name and give examples of the two
types of carbohydrates.
10. Give the general functions of
Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.
11. Explain what happens to excess sugar
in a healthy person’s body. (2 things)
12. Explain how the liver is involved in the
regulation of sugar in the body.
13. Identify the basic parts of the digestive
system, respiratory system, and
circulatory system.
14. Explain what an enzyme is and where
they are found in the body.
15. Explain what absorption is and where it
occurs in the body.
16. Differentiate between the causes of
Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes.
17. Explain where insulin is produced and
what its purpose is.
18. Explain what the body would do with
extra glucose if a person had diabetes.
19. Explain the difference between cellular
respiration and digestion.
20. Read a graph to determine what is
happening to a person’s blood glucose
and give reasons why this may be
21. Explain how the digestive system,
circulatory system and respiratory
system are all necessary for cellular
respiration to occur.
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