6th Grade Health Notes—Diseases


6th Grade Health Notes—Diseases

Disease: an unhealthy condition of the body or mind

any condition that interferes with proper functioning of the body or mind

Communicable Disease: a disease that can be spread (from people, animals, or objects)

such as a cold

Noncommunicable Disease: a disease that does not spread

such as diabetes or cancer

Pathogens: disease causing germs

Infection: the result of pathogens invading the body, multiplying, and harming some of you body’s cells

Common Disease-Causing Germs (pathogens)





Ways pathogens can be spread:

Direct Contact (you an pick up gems if you touch an infected are on another person)

Indirect Contact (some germs can spread through the air or if you share objects with a sick person…example: door knob)

Food or Water (you can get an infection by eating or drinking impure water or food)

Contact with animals or insects (you can get an infection If an infected insect or animal bites you)


Contact with someone else’s blood (if infected)

Immune System: is a group of cells tissues and organs that fight disease/pathogens

When pathogens get past body barriers it will cause infections (inflammation and swelling)

Body Barriers: prevent pathogens from entering the body




Mucous Linings

Stomach Acid

Lymphocytes: white blood cells that attack pathogens

Antibodies: chemicals produced specifically to fight a particular invading substance

Immunity: resistance to infection, body’s ability to resist the pathogens that cause a certain disease

Vaccine: a dead or weakened pathogen that is injected into the body (like a shot) to give body immunity from that certain pathogen/disease