Vocab. #13

American Government
Mr. Nazer
Room 125
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Unit #5 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Chapter #13 Civil Liberties: Constitutional Freedoms
civil liberties
search warrant
civil rights
probable cause
exclusionary rule
fighting words
good faith exception
Establishment Clause
student speech
Free Exercise Clause
prior restraint
mass media
shield laws
preventive detention
pure speech
commercial speech
double jeopardy
symbolic speech
content neutral
capital punishment
seditious speech
due process
Read the definitions below. Using the vocabulary words found in the word bank above, write the word that the definition
is describing in the blank provided.
Non U.S. citizens in the Unites States
False words that damage a person’s good name, character or reputation
A warrant authorizing police to go into a business or a home to search for unlawful
A person’s protection against abuse by government
A condition allowing a warrant to be used as evidence if police acted in good faith that
the warrant was correct
Written defamatory speech
The money that a defendant deposits with the court as a promise to appear for a trial on
an appointed day
The prohibiting of the expression of ideas before they are expressed
The Fourteenth Amendment’s inclusion of people’s dealings with both state and local
Spoken defamatory speech
American Government
Mr. Nazer
Room 125
A clause that states that the government may not limit what people believe
To refrain from setting bail because of the fear that a person may commit another crime
To give testimony against oneself
The spoken word
Another term for the death penalty
The reasonable possibility that evidence of a crime or criminal is in a place
Any type of speech that encourages the overthrow of the government or attempts to
The beginning of the First Amendment that set up a wall of separation between church
and state
The principle stating that the government must act fairly and obey the rules of law
Speech for business purposes
Speech that combines actions and symbols with or without words to express ideas
Laws passed to protect reporters and their sources
Speech that is so insulting that it would cause a person to hit another
The rights of everyone to equal protection under the law
Forms of communication that are designed to reach a large population
Speech within schools that includes indecent or vulgar speech and speech in school
newspapers, plays and musicals, and similar school-related and school supported
To be free from regulation
A legal ruling that prohibits illegally obtained evidence from being used in a trial
To be tried twice for the same crime
American Government
Mr. Nazer
Room 125