Sarah Hickerson 1st Period S. 1) I have chosen a materials engineer

Sarah Hickerson
1st Period S.
1) I have chosen a materials engineer. They work on things like bendable
computers and invisible airplanes. Some of these things may not seem
possible but they are in the works right now!
2) Their salary can range from $54,400 to $78,400 with bonuses up to $5,200!
A few collages you can go to include Massachusetts Institute of Technology
or University of Florida. There are even more that you can go to but I won’t
name them all.
3) Did you know that when materials and structures fail, civil and criminal
investigations are often the result? That’s why forensics is a fast growing
career for materials engineers. Did you know that they help with so many
different engineers on different projects? They actually work with almost all
of them!
4) They are already working on artificial honeybee silk (that type of insect silk
is stronger than spider silk) that can be used for artificial ligaments. They
are also working on invisible airplanes. Oh and don’t forget about color
changing shower tiles. They are also helping with artificial skin.
5) Shirley Meng (female) is a materials engineer that was born in Hangzhou,
China. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
She is one of the engineers that are improving lithium ion batteries.
1) I have chosen an agricultural engineer. Yes I know what you are thinking, all
they do is find new and more innovative ways to farm, but actually they
help with things that we try to fix every day. They also work on how to
convert completely to renewable energy.
2) Their salary can range from $41,623-$86,863. They can also get bonuses
from the range of $702-$3,931. That brings us to the grand total $41,692$67,985 per year. There are many schools that you can go to but I will just
name a few: Clemson U., University of Georgia and Texas A&M.
3) Agricultural engineers aren’t limited to earth they also work with NASA to
create plants that grow in space. Hydroponics Is one of the projects that
they work with so that we can grow food in space. Did you know that they
also help with cleaning up air pollution? Other engineers Work on trying to
keep a clean water supply.
4) They are trying to make fuel from algae, but they aren’t quite ready .They
are almost ready to release genetically altered salmon but they still have a
few kinks to work out. Hey what do you think about going to study
ecosystems that are contained in a bubble? That is in the works now!
1) Have also chosen Ocean engineers. They don’t just help study about the
ocean they try to improve it. They help rebuild coral reefs and restore all
types of habitats. Don’t take that for granted, those fish eventually lead to
2) Ocean engineers make about $51,751-$75,280 per year. Don’t forget the
bonus of $1,009-$5,002. That totals to $52760- $80,282 per year. Florida
Atlantic U. and Florida Institute of Technology are only few of the schools
you can go to.
3) Did you know that 95% of the oceans still remain unexplored? The reason
being that even though the robots can go to great depths everything has
limits. Hopefully we will create technology that can go to the depths of the
ocean. For now that is still a big challenge.
4) They have many things in the works including a laser to ward off pirates.
This will be good because there have been over 400 attacks on the U.S..
This is done by shining a 3-foot wide green beam temporarily blinding and
disorienting pirates. This laser can work in both day and night and not even
sunglasses can protect your eyes from the rays.