Fact Sheet: Structural Engineer

Fact Sheet: Structural Engineer A job profile: Structural Engineers are a key part of the design and construction team, often working alongside civil engineers and architects, on the creation of structures of all kinds from houses, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals to bridges, oil rigs, office blocks and space satellites. Structural engineers work in an office and on site. You could be:  Advising on the best choice of materials.  Using mathematical calculations to predict how a structure will react to various loads and stresses.  Communicating the design of the structure through drawings, specifications and computer models so that others can build it.  Designing and testing the foundations for a new building. Which school subjects could lead to a career as a structural engineer? Having an interest in mathematics and sciences is useful. Engineers tend to be practical, creative, have a keen interest in how things work and a good awareness of environmental issues. It will also help if you enjoy the following school subjects:  Design and Technology  Mathematics  Science  ICT  Technology Becoming A Structural Engineer ‐ Skills and Entry Requirements.  To enter a relevant degree course, the usual requirement is 2/3 A Levels or equivalent in the following preferred subjects: mathematics, physics or engineering science.  You will normally need to have a higher level qualification such as a degree, BTEC or HND Foundation Degree (accredited by the Institution of Structural Engineers or ICE) in Structural Engineering to progress to becoming Incorporated or Chartered Engineer. To become an engineering technician, a BTEC National is needed. Other useful websites to explore:  For further information on how to become a structural engineer visit the Institute of Structural Engineers website. www.istructe.org  Enginuity is a website that can inform you about all careers in engineering and technology www.enginuity.org.uk  www.citbcsni.org.uk/careers  www.nidirect.gov.uk/careers  www.bconstructive.co.uk