Story Project - Spanish III

Legend Project
You will write an original myth, legend, fairytale or fable in
Spanish using the verb tenses and moods you have learned
up to this point. The objective of this project is to practice
using all the tenses, with a focus on the past tenses, as well
as vocabulary at the Spanish III level. You will defeat the
purpose of the project if you use an online translator or a
Spanish-speaking friend.
You will have at least two class periods to complete the
project. You will write a 200 – 250 word story that is original.
The imperfect and the preterite must be used at least twenty
times each. You may use whichever tense is best for the
The use of grammar will be graded throughout the project,
NOT just the verbs.
The story must contain at least ten vocabulary words from
Spanish III (Ch. 9). You should not have to look up more
than a few words in the dictionary. Your story should contain
character description and dialogue to add depth to your story
and characters, as well as move the narrative along.
You will be graded on the use of the preterite and the
imperfect, grammar and spelling, the story and required