Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy
In view of English became a international language, and America is one of the biggest
economic system in the world. Learning English is become a issue all around the
world. Especially in countries that English is non-mother tongue. Most of our parents
send us to English cram school when we are young, because they don’t want their
children to start behind others, In order to figure out what teaching methods is the best
to teach our children. I will ask them to do a evaluation form to separate them into
level A to level C. My goal is the students can introduce themselves smoothly and can
communicate with foreigners fluently. As a result, I need my students have basic
knowledge of English. In other words, they have to learned English at least three
years before. They have to know the tenses well and I hope they can recite 100
vocabularies a week. I will try to enhance their listening and speaking. So more words
is needed to avoid to use again and again. I will use a English as my teaching
materials, for example CNN、BBC、Live ABC and so on. They can learn authentic
accent and formal or informal talking method through those magazines and they will
have a foreign teaching class by a foreign teacher. They have to talk with the teacher
at least three minutes one by one. It doesn't matter that your grammar or tenses are
wrong, the most important thing is to speak out. They won't have too much homework,
but they have to listen to the CD once a week and fill out the question sheet which is
given by me. I think after they finished the sheet, they will understand more correctly
that what the article trying to tell us and maybe I will ask the same question in the
class which I can analysis that did they really do their homework and make them
more impression with the article.