What is new in the 2nd edition of Marketing Management?

What is new in Hollensen: Marketing Management – A Relationship Approach, 2nd ed., published
in April 2010?
Full colour version
Completely new design: Margin explanations of key concept
The relationship approach is further discussed in Chapter 6, in form of the firm’s relationships and
cooperation with customers, suppliers, complementors / partners and competitors (also called the
value net)
New hot and updated issues are covered: Long Tail, Cause Marketing, Customer driven
innovation, New comprehensive chapter on CSR, Good Enough Market (GEM) Strategy
(especially relevant for China), Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) Marketing, Blue Ocean Strategy,
Marketing in Emerging markets, e.g. Iran, Social Marketing (a cool case on YouthAIDS), Lean
Business modeling (e.g. a cool case about Björn Borg AB), Time-based Marketing Strategy,
Online marketing surveys
New comprehensive Chapter 9 on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), including the
Sustainable Global Value Chain (SGVC), Cause Marketing, and marketing to the Bottom of
Pyramid (BOP),
Completely new cases: 16 very comprehensive Chapter cases + 5 Video Part cases – The Author
had personal contact and a dialogue with most of the companies – see below
More e-marketing aspects are integrated throughout the book
All existing cases are now up-to-date
21 completely new cases are available:
Part Video cases (5 new cases): Tata Nano (Part 1), Orascom Telecom (Part 2), Nivea (Part 3), Indian Tourist
Board (Part 4), Pret A Manger (Part 5)
Chapter cases (16 new cases): Duchy originals (case 1.1), Senseo (case 2.1), Nintendo Wii (case 3.1), Baxi
Boilers (case 4.1), Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) (case 5.1), Saipa (case 6.1), Red Bull (case 7.1), Ryan
Air (case 8.1), YouthAids (case 9.1), Dassault Falcon (case 10.1), Fisherman’s Friend (case 11.1), HarleyDavidson (case 12.1), Lindt & Sprüngli (case 13.1), TAG Heuer (case 14.1), Triumph underwear (case 15.1),
Jordan toothbrush (case 16.1).
Svend Hollensen, August 2010