The Great Gatsby – Web quest/ Scavenger Hunt

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The Great Gatsby Webquest
Directions: Click on the provided links to find information necessary for answering the questions.
Describe the “Roaring Twenties.”
1. Flappers and the changing role of women in society
2. Impact of Prohibition
3. Conflicting views on jazz
4. Rise of the automobile
5. Read this brief biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Describe at least three high points and three
low points in Fitzgerald’s life.
6. What is an expatriate and is Fitzgerald one? What is the “Lost Generation”? Was Fitzgerald
influenced by any of its members? Explain some common themes of the writers of this time.
7. What is “the American dream” and how does the concept of it relate to The Great Gatsby?
8. What impact did Fitzgerald’s editor/publisher have on his work?
9. Describe the issues with geographical accuracy in The Great Gatsby.
10. Referring to the question above, do you believe inconsistencies may ruin The Great Gatsby?
Why/ or why not?
11. Where is F. Scott Fitzgerald buried?
12. On a separate sheet of paper, compose a literary timeline with U.S. and world events
beginning with Fitzgerald’s birth year and ending with the year of his death. The timeline
must include a minimum of five (5) U.S. and world events and five (5) Fitzgerald-related